Meet the Pilgrims: Carina Lisa

What are you doing, and how did you end up doing it?

Carina Lisa

For two years now I’ve had the honour and privilege to be been part of the pastoral team of a multicultural Baptist church in the heart of Vienna, Austria called Projekt:Gemeinde (Project:Church). It is a diverse and growing community of students, refugees, young families, interns from all parts of the world as well as those who will tell you, you’re only as old as you feel.

At the same time, I also work at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Vienna, where I’m currently in the process of finishing my MTh. Prior to that I lived and studied in Sydney, Australia for almost four years.

To tell you how I ended up doing what I am doing, I’d probably have to tell you my life story. However, I think suffices to say that I am continuously amazed at how blessed I am to end up where I am today – that I get to work and do life with such amazing people.

What’s your biggest passion for the church?

That we find a way of doing church that speaks to people from all walks of life and that is relevant in our day and age. Communities full of sinners and saints who are united in their passion for Jesus and walk this journey of faith as a family, arm in arm. Churches, where people can truly come as they are, ask the hard questions and are continuously and equally challenged and embraced by the love, grace and forgiveness of God.

What excites you about Jesus?

Among many things, it is His radical and unconditional love and embrace of all people, especially of those overlooked and excluded by society. This never ceases to excite, inspire, challenge and amaze me.

Who has most shaped your spirituality/discipleship journey?

There is a long list of people, experiences, sermons and books that have shaped me and helped me grow into the person I am today. Studying theology has also had a significant impact on my life. It has given my faith and my understanding of scripture much greater depth – almost like seeing a black and white movie in colour for the first time.


Carina works as a pastoral assistant at Projekt:Gemeinde (Project:Church), a multicultural Baptist church in Vienna, Austria. She also works and studies at the University of Vienna in the faculty of Protestant Theology. She’s passionate about theology, social justice, and the practical outworking of church and faith in the 21st Century.

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